Cat Loss Sympathy Cards You Can Send

Copyright Sarah Theophilus

(Originally published Jul 21, 2009)
As a cat parent, you are in the unique position of being able to sincerely empathize with and comfort others who may be grieving the loss of a cat companion. The web has made this easier, since free ecards are ubiquitous and now there are even ones specifically for the death of a cat. Below are some links to free cat loss sympathy ecards:

Sarah Theophilus, a pastel artist who creates pet portraits, offers a wonderful selection of pet loss sympathy cards created from some of her artwork. There are 5 beautiful paintings of cats to choose from, such as the one above.

The website has two nice free cat loss sympathy cards you can send, as does .

I can’t tell for certain whether this ecard is free, but it appears to be.

Last but not least, there is a wonderful website devoted exclusively to the loss of a cat. Purring In Paradise sells paper sympathy cards, urns, memorials, cremation jewelry, and grave markers.
(Originally published Jul 21, 2009)
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